Wednesday, June 1, 2011

STPM Blues

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Setelah saya 'post' beberapa kelebihan tentang Tingkatan Enam, saya ingin berkongsi luahan rasa mengenai Tingkatan 6 oleh seorang bekas pelajar. Walaupun 'posting' ini dalam Bahasa Inggeris, tetapi ia mudah difahami dan menarik untuk dikongsi bersama. Jom raikan 'posting' ini bersama!

STPM blues

You know, i often hear people saying this " DO NOT GO FORM 6, It's a waste of time". "FORM 6 is so easy". If it is easy , and a waste of time, do you even think the government would set such things in our education system? I'm sick of such stereo-typed people. I hope i do not offend anyone here though.

Form 6 is not as easy as you think. I've had a p.h.D teacher in my school who said " form 6 is the hardest exam in your life. if you can go through it , there is no doubt you will do well in universities."If you ask me if i was prepared for the whole thing before i enter form 6, i would say i am prepared. I came from an average family and my sister is in a private university , so my parents could not afford to send me to private college.i was very clear i am going to form 6 after i finished form 5.

Anyway,David Hans requested me to write about my experience when i switched to arts in form 6.
. I was a science side student in form4 & 5. A science side student WHO DO NOT enjoy science. Hence , my result is always lousy , and i am always the one with the lowest mark. Not in class though, but among my friends. I was looked down . So when i enter form 6, i knew i cannot continue staying in science. Besides, I am fed up of being looked down. I took the risk of moving to arts side alone. i was scared , but i knew i had to move on no matter what. My SPM result was just a "so-so" result ( i do not mind to reveal it, i scored only 5a's in SPM) , and i do not want my STPM result to turn out bad as well. (still awaiting for my result). When i entered form 6, i had this dream to get first in class and get the highest in all my exam. And yes, i did it. I studied hard, got the 1st and was always the highest in all my exams. Like i said , i am fed up of being looked down , and i need to gain some respect from my friends in arts. I do not want to be looked down anymore. So to those of you who are not sure of switching or not , look at your result. If you keep getting 'c' or 'D' in your science subjects and still going to science side in form 6, you are commiting suicide. Know your ability. Forget about the "cool-ness" when you're holding an organic chemistry book. It is the result that matters.If your parents insisted you to stay in science saying bout the prospects of science side, talk to them nicely , and explain to them. And arts side has a wide prospects too. Who is the one who manage a hospital? A doctor does not manage a hospital you know? [I'm not trying to say the bad side about science side ya.. :) ]

When i told people how stress i am when i was preparing for my exams , then they'll ask me " what side are you in?"... when i said "arts". they'll go on saying , " Oh , no problem one. easy.". And this is what i hate. Arts side in form 6 , is A TOTAL DIFFERENT from form 5. It is a lot harder and be prepared to write up to 15 pages for each exam. i would say arts is a lot about reading and memorising. AND no , it's not easy when you have to memorise hundreds of pages.and if you are taking economics, it's even worse. You need to memorise graphs and write tonnes of notes.Honestly , my ball pen lasted me only around 3 weeks, and mind you, my handwriting is small. Not only that, You need to be hard working enough to read the many pages of boring notes. You can easily fail if you're in arts , because once you do not read , you can't do anything. There is no objective (except for econs), so basically if you do not study , you can just sleep through the test.So, arts side is not easy. It is just as tough as the science side. What makes arts side easier?we still write 7 essays, 2 quantitative, and 30 multiple choice questions with half of it is counting in 3 hours.Or for some papers, we had to write more than 10 pages. Science and Arts= same level . So , if you feel down about moving to arts side, you do not have to now.

No doubt to those who are from science side , you would have a problem adapting with the arts side people. Especially if you are not mandarin-spoken like me. I am the ones that basically cant even write my name in mandarin , and couldn't speak more than ten words of fluent mandarin. Yes, that is how bad it is. Did i tell you i did not move to arts with any of my friends? So, having to be in a new environment with no one you are comfortable with was a tough experience to go through. I even reach to a point i wanted to give up. I did not mix with anyone for the first month. I felt so lazy to go to school , and i slept for almost every period. Anyway after a while , slowly i got to mix with them . I learnt mandarin through talking with them .(because most of them are mandarin-spoken, you can't expect them to learn english for you.Majority wins ) Ofcourse, i need to endure to be laughed at my "weird" accent. But , over all , i enjoy learning , and now, i can speak almost fluent mandarin. You see, that was an extra for me through the two years of form six.

If you asked me if i regret going to form 6, i would easily answer you "no". Form 6 is the 2 years i enjoy the most in my high-school life. It was also the only time where i look forward going to school and enjoying my time even though during the many exams i had. One of the hardest part to go through was that in form 6 there is a lot of test going on. I even had times where my whole month is filled with test and quizzes. Form 6 is also the time where i realise three hours is like 3 minutes. Most of my papers are three hours, and i am still rushing for it. So , three hours is nothing to me now. Time flies. I had a lot of fun in form 6 and being the eldest in the school. So to those of you who are going to form 6, i wish you all the best and i guarantee you will have a fun-filled 2 years like i did. I am still waiting for my result, wish me luck guys. :)

Form 6, No regrets.

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