Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'M so BORED....


Seringkali rasa BOSAN 'menghantui' diri, hati dan perasaan tanpa diundang. Kebosanan boleh menyebabkan pelbagai kesan dan meninggalkan persoalan-persoalan yang sukar untuk dimuktamadkan. Sebagai insan biasa rasa bosan memang tidak boleh kita elakkan. Tidak kira apa juga status dan kedudukan kita, lebih-lebih lagi kepada mereka yang sedang menuntut ilmu, ada kalanya rasa bosan mematikan harapan dan mengganggu tumpuan terhadap tugasan seharian. Situasi akan menjadi lebih parah jika rasa bosan turut mempengaruhi amal ibadah dan ketaatan kepada Allah s.w.t. Justeru, khusus untuk peringatan diri dan pembaca blog yang setia, saya sertakan sebuah catatan yang menarik tentang KEBOSANAN. Mudah-mudahan dapat mengubat jiwa yang sedang lara.....

By: ~dae_meen~

I have been stretching my neck in front of my Aspire 4310 notebook for six hours. It is already 2 o’clock in the morning but sleeping is a myth. Why? I do not know what to read and write. I am working on my new article called “I’m breaking down”. But I kept on erasing all the lame words I have typed. Ideas were not flowing as usual. For years I have been trying to gain my word power in writing, but all the hard work all these years were useless. I am beginning to feel fed up.
“Yeah, I’m bored, too bored man!!!” I got up from the chair and went to my personal dressing mirror the size of a human. “I have not polished the mirror lately, it looks a little smudgy.” I looked into myself in the mirror. From head to toe, I scanned trough. “I’m physically fine and ready” said to myself. But what is wrong with me? What is making me bored?
I became mad because of the boredom I am in. I was in anger, pure rage. Two am in the morning became the eye-witness of the climax of my boredom. Why am I bored? I asked myself one more time. “Arghh!!!” I shouted. Out of nowhere my hand came dashing towards the mirror, smashing my RM50 mirror into hundreds of pieces; small pointy pieces went scattering all over the floor. My hand was bleeding. I looked into the smashed mirror once more. Miraculously, one piece survived my fatal punch; the piece still remains on the wooden board. I could see half of my face in it. I ignored my bleeding hand. I witnessed something unique just now.
“I was born with a clean heart - a heart, clean as a brand new mirror-. I can see my shiny reflection in it. But as time flies, the clean shiny mirror became smudgy. The reflection is dimmed, not as shiny as before. This is my heart, because of not polishing my heart; a new black layer seals it. It becomes dark, darker than night, as dark as the darkness of ignorance (Jahilyyah). Soon, the dark layer rots, it will rot along with my heart. It rots as if a powerful hit smashes a mirror into million pieces. I felt like there’s no hope of seeking ALLAH’s redha. But I’m wrong, the small piece remaining means that ALLAH accepts anyone no matter how grave his sin is.”
My fingers went dancing on the keyboard typing a miracle on Microsoft Word. But I realized that something was missing. I remembered a scientist, known by the name of Pak Arbi, once said to me:
“Once you have fallen to the ground, it is difficult to stand up again. A smashed mirror is very hard to be put back again. If you manage to glue the entire piece, it is still not the same as a brand new mirror. This goes the same as your heart. Make sure you don’t fall. It takes all your strength to rise up again.”
Masyallah. This adds to the missing piece.
Because of my eagerness in typing, I did not feel the blood flowing from my hand at all!!! After I finished typing, I realize that my keyboard was full of dried blood. It was a bit difficult to type as red was all you see. I do not care, for I can easily wash it later. A little bit of blood is nothing compared to what Allah has taught me “Boredom is the sign of a half dead heart.” Why should I be bored when the world is there for me to explore!!!

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